Variable Frequency Drives

Speck 100 Flow Series

Speck offers a full line of commercial variable frequency drives by Vacon. The Speck 100 Flow Series is designed to meet and exceed even the most stringent requirement of the aqua culture industry. Designed to be used in various applications where pump performance can be improved by optimizing motor speed, saving money, energy and time.


  • The standard features of this drive included all the necessary hardware, I/O and communication features without the need to purchase any additional equipment.
  • The LCD graphical keypad with intuitive wizards, built-in help text, and a user friendly interface making installation, commissioning and operation extremely simple.
  • DOES NOT require a factory technican to be comissioned.
  • NEMA 12 enclosure
  • Guided Start-Up: Simplifies initial programming.
  • Real time clock feature.
  • Motor and Drive are protected against voltage spikes, phase imbalance and power surges.
  • Efficiency ratings greater than 98%
  • Smooth motor acceleration/deceleration
  • Overload trip protection
  • Built-in memory
  • The 100 Series has a typical 10 years or more serivce life, reducing maintenance cost and are environmentally freindly for easy recycling