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Automated Flow System

Complete system consisting of Premium High-Flow Pump, Variable Frequency Drive, Flow Meter and High-Rate Multimedia Filter.

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Automated Flow Systems

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Burgers’ Zoo Opened An Extraordinary New Ecosystem: Burgers’ Mangrove

July 2017 – Omar Figueroa, the Belizean Minister of Agriculture, Fishing, Forestry, Environment, and Sustainable Development, performed the official opening ceremony. In an area covering 32,300 Ft2, visitors will be able to explore the largest indoor mangrove in the world.

The mangrove is the natural habitat of charismatic species such as manatees, fiddler crabs, butterflies, birds, and fish. The astonishing landscape at Burgers’ Mangrove is covered by a domed structure towering 16 meters above the ground at its tallest point.

The project utilizes Speck Pumps products to circulate the water on the Freshwater and Saltwater portions of the exhibit.

About Speck Pumps

Speck Pumps is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality pumps for commercial, industrial and aquaculture applications. Since 1909, the Speck Pumps brand has stood for innovative, customized and market-specific products.

Speck has a worldwide manufacturing and distribution network producing specific pump types in dedicated manufacturing locations.

Speck products are made from superior materials and are held to a higher standard. For these reasons, our customers can depend on Speck products for trouble-free performance and longevity.

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